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The Queen's Scout Award is the top award in Scouting, the requirements for this award need more effort than the Duke of Edinburgh's (D of E) Gold Award! If you go the right way about it, by making sure that the you register for the Gold D of E award when you start on the Queen's Scout Award you can get both without any extra effort.


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Explorer Belt

The Explorer Belt is the challenge of a lifetime, open to Explorer Scouts aged 16 and over and members of the Scout Network. It is a chance to take part in a ten-day expedition that brings a real understanding of a different country, its people and way of life.


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Duke of Edinburgh Award

As a member of The Scout Association you can participate in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award as well as Scouting Awards. This is done through being a member of an Explorer Scout Unit or the Scout Network.  The Chief Scout's Platinum Award, the Chief Scout's Diamond Award and the Queen's Scout Award have similar requirements to the D of E Bronze, Silver and Gold awards (respectively).


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The Chief Scout's Diamond Award is the highest of the Chief Scout's Awards, and the final step before the Queen's Scout Award.


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Chief Scout's Diamond Award

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Partnership Awards

These awards encourage your Section to link up with another Section within your own Scout Group, a Section in another group, or another youth group or organisation, to work together on a project that will help other people.


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